WEB-Conference on
Chaotic Modeling & Simulation
     22 - 24 October 2020  
CMSIM 2020 
Chaotic Modeling & Simulation
Web Conference 22-24 October 2020

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The forthcoming International Web-Conference (CMSIM2020) on Nonlinear Analysis, Chaotic Modeling, Simulation and Applications decided by the previous Committee meeting in June 2020 following the successful organization of the 13th CHAOS2020 International Virtual Conference.
The study of nonlinear and dynamical systems has emerged as a major area of interdisciplinary research and found very interesting applications. This conference is intended to provide a widely selected forum among Scientists and Engineers to exchange ideas, methods, and techniques in the field of Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, Fractals and their applications in General Science and in Engineering Sciences.

The principal aim of CMSIM2020 International Web-Conference is to expand the development of the theories of the applied nonlinear field, the methods, empirical data and computer techniques as well as the best theoretical achievements of chaotic theory. CMSIM2020 Conference provides a forum for bringing together the various groups working in the area of Nonlinear and Dynamical Systems, Chaotic theory and Application to exchange views and report research findings.



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